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Acupuncture is a gentle, minimally invasive healthcare treatment that works by stimulating specific points on the body to:

  • Balance the Central Nervous System (CNS)

  • Regulate energy and internal functions

  • Relieve pain, inflammation and stress

  • Strengthen the immune system.

  • Promote the body's natural healing response for a variety of health conditions.

Acupuncture is based on balancing the flow of "Qi", the body's life energy, which flows through 12 channels in our body. Each channel corresponds to a different internal organ, such as the Liver, Heart, Stomach and Spleen. They are all connected into a large network that runs through the body.

From a Western Medicine understanding, Acupuncture heals the body by stimulating specific points on these channels, which are located along or adjacent to nerve pathways, that can impact biochemical and physiological conditions in the body, as well as stimulate sensory receptors. These sensory receptors then signal nerves to transmit impulses to the hypothalamic-pituitary system in the brain where neurotransmitters and endorphins are released, easing pain, promoting healing and improving immune function.

Conditions Treated

Acupuncture is recognised by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to be effective in the treatment of a wide variety of health conditions. 

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