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Chinese Herbal Medicine
The origins of Chinese Herbal Medicine can be traced back to over 5, 000 years ago, making it one of the most reliable, established health care systems in the world. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine plays an important role in restoring balance within the body, whether it is through regulating the body's metabolic rate, achieving hormonal balance or controlling blood pressure and blood glucose levels. It is the only treatment that directly affects the internal system through digestion, and can effectively assist with physical, mental and emotional complaints. 


Herbal medicine has been used for a much longer time than western medicine, which can cause many side effects when people rely on it over a long period of time. Herbal medicine is different in that it is taken as a combination of herbs in a formula, so that it balances out any strong actions of herbs and eliminate side effects.

Since our body is constantly exposed to dietary, lifestyle or seasonal/climatic changes, we generally prescribe herbs for no more than 7 days, to see how the patient is going with it, and determine whether we need to modify the herbal formula according to improvements or no change experienced. We frequently adjust the formula to address present, individual needs, hence, it is especially beneficial for chronic problems. When used appropriately, herbal medicine is a safe and highly effective treatment therapy, as it treats not only one symptom, but multiple complaints to regulate the body as a whole.  

Our herbal dispensary supplies an extensive range of over 400 quality Chinese Herbs and are available as granules, pills or raw herbs. All herbs are natural and approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).